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'Simran', Rainbow Industrial Estate
Nr. Range Office, Gokhiware,
Vasai (East) – 401208, INDIA

Welcome To Simal Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

While packaging trends have seen a churn in the recent past, with a host of options on offer, the tube in carton combination for filling products like pastes, ointments and creams has endured, and indeed will remain so for a while. There is an option for the tube now which can be either a laminated one or an aluminium collapsible tube. We, SPPL are one of the leading manufacturers of the latter, making the whole range of variants available to our clients. In the last three decades of our presence in the market, we have seen the quality bar being raised to new levels with very rigid specifications and almost no allowances for error. We have responded equally to these challenges and serviced our clients with distinction. We seek long term associations and work in tandem with our clients to innovate and experiment to come up with the ideal tube options for the products to be filled. A system driven, quality conscious company, SPPL operates from a sprawling 24, 000 sq. ft., self-sufficient unit located strategically close to Mumbai city and manned by over 200 dedicated workmen and staff. Our claim is vindicated by the numerous and rigorous plant audits conducted by many large companies, both Indian and MNC’s over the years.

  • Our Market

    Though adept and fully equipped to make all kinds of tubes, we have focused from the very outset on making tubes for the pharmaceutical sector as it allows for more value addition besides protecting us from substitute products such as laminated tubes.

    Simal Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

    Our efforts have led to virtually every significant pharma company either being currently on our client list or was once buying tubes from us to fill their range of products in the ophthalmology and dermatology range of creams and ointments. Our ability to meet the exacting and very stringent quality requirements for these products, and innovate as per client needs has seen our stature grow.

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